Forex market economic calendar

The economic calendar is needed for a trader not to just keep track of days and months on it.
This is a special fundamental analysis tool with which you can predict the future behavior of the
price of a particular currency in forex.
The economic calendar forex shows the most significant macroeconomic events that can
somehow affect currency quotes.

The user can track the most important economic events that will occur over the next few hours,
days, weeks, or even months using his online forex economic calendar. Everything is updated
automatically in real time as news releases, providing you with the most important information
that may affect trading. Past economic events and their impact on the market are also presented
in the economic calendar.
In the economic calendar can be selected aby day in order to get a breakdown of the planned
economic events. Click on a specific event to see all the information and links to additional data.
This information will help you make informed trading decisions. In the calendar you will find
the time before the publication of each event, as well as a mark if it already occurs. The expected
volatility for each event is indicated on a scale from one to three, from low to high, and also
presents actual data, consensus forecasts and figures for the previous period.
A modern forex calendar can be customized for the user with the display of only those events
that directly affect your trading. Time periods are easy to change, filter options may include
specific countries, categories, and levels of volatility. To keep abreast of forex news, download
our application with the economic calendar for Apple or Android devices, and get access to the
latest information.
There is no need to take all the news into account, there are too many of them, and not all of
them will be useful and meaningful to you. First of all, you should be interested in statistics in
those countries whose currencies you trade. For example, if your favorite currency pair is USD /
CAD, then you should follow the news from the USA and Canada.
There sgould be paid attention to the previous value of the economic indicator, and what value is
predicted by experts. The extent to which the actual value of the indicator will differ from the
past and the prognostic one, and the reaction of the market depends on whether the currency will
rise, fall, or remain unchanged. As a rule, if the data goes in line with the forecast, then the
market reaction is neutral.