Forex broker

Choosing a reliable Forex broker is the most important step in the work of any trader. It is the
quality of the services offered by the chosen company that ultimately affects whether you will
achieve success in currency trading.

Considering that the Forex market in 2018 in Russia is only beginning to be regulated by law,
this issue should be given particular attention. Be careful in choosing a broker, you invest your
own money and they should work for you!
 To make the right choice, an independent Forex broker rating is required, which allows to
identify the best brokerage companies. This is the rating we have created for you.
 The basis for choosing a company should be comprehensive. You must meet all the criteria: the
credibility and image of a broker in the market, the history of work in Russia and the availability
of training materials. An important characteristic in the rating of Forex brokers is the
convenience and continuity of the trading platform, fast technical support and finally, low
spreads. If you are planning a long-term deal, a high spread may spend a significant portion of
the deposit.
The main task of the broker is to bring client orders to the market and find a counterparty with
the most profitable offer. However, companies also perform other functions:
 - Analysis of the market situation and providing the client with relevant analytical
- Maintaining financial statements in accordance with the law, the protection of
confidential information of traders;
- Control of risks in transactions and timely notification of them to the client;
- If necessary, an assessment of the potential profitability of transactions, investment advice
to clients;
- Provision of trust management services, mediation in finding a professional trader or
- Learning the basics of trading in financial markets, paid or free.
The more different services a broker offers to potential clients, the more traders and
investors will want to cooperate with such a company.
Even the best brokers are somewhat different, and this allows the trader to choose the company,
the terms of trade in which best suit his style of work in the market. The key parameter of trading
conditions is the spread (the difference between the purchase and sale prices), in which, as a rule,
the company's fees for brokerage services are also included. Sometimes the commission is
calculated separately.
If a trader makes a large number of “quick” trades, then the value of the spread or commission
for opening / closing a position will be a key for him. But if the broker's client prefers long-term
positional trading, that one-time spread fades into the background, and the swap becomes the
most relevant indicator, since it is charged \ debited once a day.