In the Internet there are many websites about making money in the Forex market, however,

many of them have not systematized information, articles are taken out of context, and the
brokerage offices themselves are sponsored by these resources.

This situation prompted the creation of a project about Forex, with the aim of conveying
objective and unbiased information for those who really want to try their hand at this attractive
area of ​​earnings.
The authors of the blog are people, who have experience in Forex trading in the past or present
time. It was decided to combine authors, experienced Forex traders, under the auspices of a
professional Forex blog – PaxForex blog.
Thanks to this project, you will have the opportunity to look at the Forex market from the other
side, the existence of which you only had to guess.
We assure you - it will be interesting!
Formality, however, will not be superfluous to warn you: Forex is a risky market in which you
can both get rich quickly and lose your money. Any risks associated with the trade, you take at
your own risk. The blog is not a trade guide and is not responsible for your actions in the Forex
Forex blogs, such as Paxforex, give great opportunity to know all the recent news on this topic.
The blog contains important economic news of the world and stock exchanges. Forex news and
economics will help you keep abreast of important events that occur in the financial sector of
various countries. Operational and relevant information, as well as macroeconomic statistics will
help you objectively assess the situation on the financial markets and make the right forecasts.
 Important political and economic events affect not only the development of countries, but also
the value of national currencies, stocks of companies and corporations, the price of oil, precious
metals and raw materials. Particular attention should be paid to meetings of central banks, the
announcement of interest rates, the release of macroeconomic statistics of developed countries,
corporate reports and other important events.
 The correct interpretation of the news and understanding of their impact on the value of a
financial asset helps to make the right trading decisions when trading on the forex market, stock
and commodity markets.
 Keep track of important economic events - this will help you make the right investment
Forex news is the tool that should be present in the arsenal of any trader. It is important that the
news is as fresh as possible. On our site you will find the latest Forex news about inflation rates,
consumer prices, the size of debt obligations in different countries. We also constantly publish
information that has a direct impact on Forex - news from national banks, reserve systems and
other government agencies. And the main advantage of the format of blogs is that they help to
see the situation in volume through experience od real people. That’s rather useful course of
information for trader.